Why playing Candy Crush at work is actually very healthy

Why playing Candy Crush at work is actually very healthy

Candy Crush Saga investigated why so many people play the game. They found out that many people use the app while working. And there’s an important reason for that.

The game has been a phenomenon among iPhone and Android users for years. Candy Crush, for example, always holds a high spot among the most downloaded apps in Google’s Play Store. Although there are also plenty of other apps that you should really check out there.


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How many people actually play Candy Crush in the workplace?

The survey, conducted by parent company King, found that more than two-thirds (69%) of British office workers play games such as Candy Crush on their phones during work hours. About 34 percent of these people say it helps refocus or de-stress.

Still, 70 percent of employees are afraid of what their boss thinks. They are fearful, for example, that their employer will take them to task or fire them himself. Actually, that fear is unnecessary. Gaming in the workplace can have a very good influence on the rest of the workday.

How does gaming help productivity?

It is common knowledge that regular breaks are beneficial to productivity. Spending a moment doing something else provides more energy and a fresh perspective. So you can make the most of that time with a level of Candy Crush.

Playing Candy Crush at workPlaying another level. (Image: King)

But according to King’s research, few employees manage to make full use of their breaks. Only 37 percent of British office workers take regular breaks, with only 59 percent taking a full lunch break. 80 percent even take “secret” breaks in the kitchen, restroom or a meeting room for a quick reset.

While it’s obviously not the intention to be on Candy Crush 10 times a day, King’s study certainly highlights the need for employees to get more breaks. That way, they can work faster and more effectively.

Looking for a fun game? Try Netflix!

Have you finished Candy Crush, or are you ready for something new? Then maybe you should check out Netflix. The streaming service has not only a great selection of movies and series, but also some great games. You can play the games there for free.

We made a selection of the games that are worth a try. You can play them on Android, iPhone and even on your television. You can find them all in the article below.

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