Battle of the Bips the insane battle between Spider Man 2.webp

Battle of the Bips: the insane battle between Spider-Man 2 and Starfield

Spider-Man 2 versus Starfield. The PlayStation 5 versus the Xbox Series X. Gamers are fanatics, we get it. But sometimes, just sometimes, things (read: buttocks) get pulled out to make the battle as insane as possible.

PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X? For many gamers, it doesn’t really matter much, but there are fanatics for whom the competitive battle is everything. On that front, the “fight” can quickly derail and take insane forms. As it turns out.

Spider-Man 2 vs. Starfield: Battle of the Bips

Yep. The time has come for Xbox and PlayStation gamers to show their best side. I can’t remember when the battle between the two consoles managed to take such an absurd form. But I am secretly enjoying it.

To determine once and for all which console is better, certain fanatics take the butts out of games as the absolute measure. In this case, Spider-Man 2 represents the PlayStation and Starfield represents the Xbox.

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You be the Judge 🤷🏼‍♂️#SpiderMan2 #Starfield

– Xbox Battle Grounds (@xboxBG) October 24, 2023

On X, the Xbox Battle Grounds channel posted a photo showing the backsides of Mary Jane from Spider-Man 2 and that of Andreja from Starfield. With this, the account wants to make it clear that Xbox is doing a lot better than PlayStation.

You would think that this could be laughed at hard on the Internet and then people would go back to their daily lives. But anno 2023, that’s clearly not an option. The battle between Spider-Man 2 and Starfield gets even crazier.

Accusations, comparisons and … Nintendo?

While the comparison itself is a bit odd, I have to say that the accusations toward Xbox Battle Grounds are even more hilarious. Not only do some gamers claim that the photo was edited to make the Starfield character’s buttocks look better, but an official warning from X accompanies it.

Above all, however, let’s not overlook the fact that there are people with dozens of examples of buttocks that, as far as they are concerned, do it even better.

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

Gonna be Spider-Man 2 for me big dog

– Jake Randall (@Jake_Randall_YT) October 24, 2023

These include mentioning Black Cat’s name from Spider-Man, talking about Panam from Cyberpunk 2077 and even someone declaring Nintendo the winner. By the buttocks from … The Legend of Zelda?!!!

All in all, it’s a pointless discussion that shows once again how deep the rivalry between PlayStation (Spider-Man 2 this time) and Xbox (Starfield) runs. And as someone who can enjoy both platforms, I simply can’t stop smiling.

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