Apple Watch Ultra lasts 60 hours but how exactly do

‘Apple comes out with special Watch to celebrate anniversary’

As big a fan as we are of the Apple Watch, except for the Ultra, they are hard to tell apart. The company is (probably) going to change that with a special edition. OMT editor Dennis Mons is particularly curious.

In 2015, Apple launched the highly anticipated Apple Watch, a game-changer in the world of wearables. This smart watch combined health tracking, notifications and stylish design. But in all honesty; pretty little has changed. But Apple is reportedly coming out with a new watch in 2025 to celebrate its 10th anniversary.


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The Apple Watch X makes a difference?

We’re not going to argue that Apple has been sitting still with the Watch. Over the years, the company improved the Watch with waterproofing, ECG measurements and a fine app ecosystem. The Apple Watch has revolutionized our wrists and continues to set the standard for smartwatches.

Still, there are some things that could well be changed. For example, the design has always remained the same. Apart from the size and color of the case and the variation in straps, it is hard to tell which watch you are using.

So, of course, there are exceptions. Starting with the Apple Watch Series 5, smart watches have had an “always on” feature so that your watch face is always visible. Also, the Apple Watch Ultra was intriguing because of its screen, titanium casing and Action button.

New Apple Watch will be thinner and magnetic

According to an absolute expert, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the Apple Watch X will be much thinner, but it will also get a microLED screen. He also expects a blood pressure monitor to be added.

Apple Watch gets beloved iPhone feature through watchOS 10 (Image: Unsplash/Ricardo Resende)

In addition, the system for changing straps might be on the upswing. Instead of the slide-and-click system, Apple is looking into whether a magnetic connection would be easier. In addition, removing that system would give more room for more hardware in the chassis.

It is also rumored that at least the Apple Watch Ultra will get a microLED screen by the end of the year. On the other hand, a report brings news that we still really have to wait until 2026 before Apple will implement it.


Who is Mark Gurman?

Mark Gurman is a technology journalist working at Bloomberg. He has been writing about Apple for more than a decade, previously worked for 9to5Mac and is among the most reliable sources. He is known anno 2023 mainly for his own newsletter: Power On.

Health above all else

Surely one of the main drivers for Apple is monitoring the health of Apple Watch users. For years there have been rumors about Apple’s plans for blood pressure monitoring.

In 2017, Patently Apple discovered an Apple patent titled “Wrist Worn Accelerometer for PTT Measurement of Blood Pressure. However, there was a hitch with the development of this technology.

The Wall Street Journal stated in 2021 that Apple’s version of blood pressure monitoring does not show a baseline measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Instead, it displays a trend graph of blood pressure. This is far from accurate.

The wait is then on, as Gurman also indicated earlier this year that the technology is simply not ready. He reported last July that the blood pressure monitoring feature will not be ready until 2025. He added that this feature will alert users to hypertension.

If and when blood pressure monitoring technology arrives on the Apple Watch X in 2024 or 2025, it will be a latecomer. Samsung has already rolled out the feature in June 2021 for the Galaxy Watch 3, Watch Active2 and newer models.

So Apple does have some work to do for the new Apple Watch Series. Whether the form factor will change remains guesswork. But I don’t expect much of a shocker.

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