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Why LastPass is suddenly a big danger to your iPhone

You want to protect your iPhone in the best possible way. That’s precisely why you use a password manager on your device. Still, you have to be careful not to download the wrong LastPass app from the App Store.

A password manager is really not an unnecessary luxury to keep your online accounts extra well protected. It ensures that you have a different password for each account. So should a site be accidentally hacked once, a hacker will not have access to all your other accounts.

You have several providers for this in the App Store. One of the best known is LastPass. However, you have to be careful not to download a clone of the app for your iPhone. In fact, the company warns against it.

Beware of this LastPass app on your iPhone

LastPass published a blog last week containing a warning. An app in the App Store had the exact same name, which could cause confusion. Especially since the creators have also gone very far in copying the service for the iPhone. Fraudsters do all this to steal your passwords in order to hack into your accounts.

Not only is the name of the app the same, the creators have also chosen the exact same design as that of LastPass. However, you can recognize the fraudulent app by a slightly different logo and the developer’s name: Parvati Patel. The real LastPass app for iPhone is made by LogMeIn, Inc.

Beware of this dangerous iPhone clone of LastPassThe fraudulent app. (Image: LastPass)

The good news is that Apple has since removed the fraudulent LastPass app from the App Store. However, you may still have it on your iPhone. Be sure to check that you have the correct version.

A good warning

In case it didn’t happen to you as a LastPass user, this is still a good lesson for the future. In the near future, there will be several App Store alternatives from other providers. As a result, fraudulent apps that want to make off with your data may become even more common.

So always check an app carefully before downloading it for your iPhone or Android device. For this, you can look at where it ranks in the hit list and how many reviews it has received. In addition, it also doesn’t hurt to do more research on the developer.

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