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Laughed at iPhone 15 feature comes to cheaper iPhone SE

Every year Apple comes out with a new iPhone, but much less frequently for the cheaper SE. Another new one seems to be arriving soon, and it will include a special feature familiar from the iPhone 15.

The last iPhone SE dates back to 2022 and looked exactly like the iPhone 8. And yes, for that iPhone 8 we have to go all the way back. So it’s time for a new SE, but in a fairly modern look. And it looks like it’s actually coming.

It is quite possible that Apple will come out with a new iPhone SE this year, although it could be another year. The rumor mill is slowly starting to turn. One of the latest rumors is that the cheaper smartphone will get a feature from the iPhone 15.

A notable feature for the iPhone SE

And to be more precise, that feature is Dynamic Island. At first it was rather laughed off, mainly because of the name. However, the feature itself is useful if you have Apple Music on, for example, or are following live sports games. Pressing Dynamic Island will instantly give you more information.

If reliable leaker Majin Bu is to be believed, the iPhone SE will look like the iPhone 16. It seems obvious then that the smartphone will not be released until 2025. Furthermore, the fourth edition of the SE will get one camera on the back, which is less than the regular iPhone models.

Laughed at iPhone 15 feature comes to cheaper iPhone SEA concept of the iPhone SE. (Image: X/Majin Bu)

According to Bu, the dimensions are 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm, exactly the same as those of the iPhone XR. This makes the smartphone larger than the 2022 iPhone SE, giving it a larger screen and battery.

Many more rumors

However, many more rumors are circulating about the iPhone SE. For example, the inside would have a 3,279 mAh battery and would get a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a TrueDepth camera for Face ID. There would also be a 48-megapixel camera on the back and an Action button on the side, familiar from the iPhone 15 Pro.

These are all still just rumors, so as far as we’re concerned, you should take them with a grain of salt. This is partly because different reports are circulating. Still, an iPhone SE would be a fine addition to the lineup.

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