1708093185 Android Safe Browsing is the Google warning that Samsung users

Android Safe Browsing is the Google warning that Samsung users need

Google is fully rolling out its Android Safe Browsing feature to people with a Samsung or Pixel smartphone. With this, it is giving them the warning they need.

Google has a problem. We are increasingly encountering reports that malware is aiming its arrows at Android devices. Some of these are in the Play Store (painfully), but many are brought in via the Web. Google needs to do something, and with Android Safe Browsing, it seems to have found a way.

Through this new feature, the company can give Android users, with a Samsung or Pixel device, the warning they need. Browsing.

Samsung and Pixel: Google is going to alert

Android Safe Browsing is not entirely new. The feature previously appeared in beta versions of Google’s operating system, but now seems to be popping up on several Samsung and Pixel devices. Something that, if we read the comments online a bit, comes as a surprise to many people.

That surprise consists of a warning from Google as soon as you land on a page that, according to the company’s systems, poses a threat. Malicious links or Web pages can, in theory, be more easily evaded this way.

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Google is rolling out a new “Android Safe Browsing” page to users that lets you see which apps support the feature as well as toggle “live threat protection” which enables “more accurate threat detection.”

Android Safe Browsing “alerts you to security threats, like harmful… pic.twitter.com/xMIvmJh7Pl

– Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) February 13, 2024

Example: you see an interesting headline come up in a news app or on a website and then press the link to read the article. Before you are redirected to the website, you see a notification on your Samsung smartphone saying that the website you are about to visit is known for its phishing links.

In the settings of both your Samsung smartphone and your Google Pixel device (Privacy), you can explore the feature further. There are users who are just now getting Android Safe Browsing, there are those who have had the feature for two weeks. Matter of time before we can all get our hands on it, then.


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Not the first warning this week

Although this warning comes in the form of a new Android feature, Google also issued an important warning earlier this week.

With the rapid development of AI, and its personal touch, fewer and fewer iPhone and Android users seem to be paying attention to their online security. Despite Google throwing its own AI tools into the world with Gemini, there is reason enough to sound the alarm.

You can read all about it in the article below:

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