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Xbox Game Pass in July 2023: Grand Theft Auto V and 7 other mighty titles

The Xbox Game Pass offerings are magisterial and constantly changing. There are titles that disappear from Microsoft’s service, but new games are also added every month. July 2023, including the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), is no different.

In addition to Rockstar’s popular game, there are of course other titles coming out this month. In total, subscribers can expect 8 new games in July and these are them.

GTA 5 and 7 other Xbox Game Pass titles for July 2023

This month there is plenty to enjoy again on Xbox Game Pass. Subscribers can already get their hands on three new titles right now, one of which is Grand Theft Auto V. GTA 5 was released in 2013 and is still one of the most played games. The chances that you haven’t played it in the past decade are slim, but reliving it is also a pleasure.

In addition, the games Sword and Fairy: Together Forever and McPixel 3 are also already available to play. Later this month, subscribers will also get access to Common’hood, Exoprimal and more. Below is a clear overview:

Grand Theft Auto V | Console + Cloud | Now available
Sword and Fairy: Together Forever | Cloud + Console + PC | Now available
McPixel 3 | Cloud + Console + PC | Now available
Common’hood | Cloud + Console + PC | 11 July
Insurgency: Sandstorm | PC | 11 July
Exoprimal | Cloud + Console + PC | 14 July
Techtonics (preview) | Cloud + Console + PC | 18 July
The Cave | Cloud + Console | 18 July

GTA 5 and 7 other Xbox Game Pass titles to play in July 2023July’s titles (Image: Microsoft)

These games are disappearing

As mentioned, Xbox Game Pass offerings are moving in two directions. So, in addition to new games being added, there are also titles that are disappearing. On July 15, at least, three games will no longer be playable through the service.

These include Exo One, PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls and Spelunky 2.

Xbox Game Pass: magisterial service from Microsoft

Microsoft has gold in its hands with Xbox Game Pass. The service is immensely popular and also seems to persuade more and more gamers to get a Series S or Series X into their homes. Makes sense, because for a reasonable monthly fee it is possible to discover a gigantic library of games.

There are two different types of subscriptions available for the Xbox Game Pass. For $9.99 per month, you get the standard subscription for console and PC. This gives you access to the range of games including Day One releases and provides you with exclusive discounts and benefits.

Xbox Game Pass UltimateXbox Game Pass Ultimate (Image: Microsoft)

If you also want to be able to game online (and you need to), then the $12.99 per month Ultimate subscription is for you. This then includes a Gold subscription worth 6.99 euros per month and gives you access to the benefits and offerings of EA Play.

For more information, you can check Microsoft’s own website.

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