Xbox Game Pass more expensive starting next month but how

Xbox Game Pass more expensive starting next month, but how much will you pay?

Microsoft is shooting the bullet after a long time. The American company is raising the price of Xbox Game Pass, its popular gaming service. How much will you pay more in the Netherlands and from when will you be screwed?

Phil Spencer, the big man of Xbox, announced back in October last year that the company wants to throw up prices. Not very surprising, since it has left both the price of its high-end console (Xbox Series X) and its service the same for ages. Unfortunately, that will change this summer.

Xbox Game Pass and Series X more expensive

Let’s pull the band-aid right off your paws with brute force. Xbox Game Pass is going to be one euro more expensive starting July 6, 2023. So that means that as a gamer, you will have to pay 11 euros per month.

If you prefer to opt for the Ultimate subscription, then you will face an increase of two euros. In this case, the subscription to Xbox Game Pass will cost you 14.99 euros per month. Only if you use a PC Game Pass will you not have to pay anything extra.

As mentioned, Microsoft is also coming up with a price increase for the Xbox Series X. Currently, the console will cost you 499 euros, but that price is about to change. Starting August 1, 2023, you will pay 549 euros for the competitor of the PlayStation 5.

No worries about the service, console different story

While the increase is not pleasant, it could hardly be otherwise. For years, Microsoft has managed to keep the same price for a mighty collection of games on its Xbox Game Pass. For example, there are even ironclad titles available from the first day of release.

Xbox, Xbox Series S, toasterSo this is that Xbox Series X refrigerator. (Image: Xbox)

It has long been clear that Microsoft, of all the companies working with such services, has the best handle on the concept. In that respect, the price change will also have little impact on the company.

What this means for the competition between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is interesting, by the way. We’ll get into that in a little more detail shortly.

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