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5 Android features that wouldn’t be out of place on your iPhone

Of course we love our iPhone tremendously, but there is always room for improvement. Then, for example, you can look at what the competition is actually doing. Android, then, has a number of features that we hope Apple includes in an upcoming update.

Android and iOS are the biggest mobile operating systems in the world, so they are both definitely doing something right. Still, the companies behind these systems have a few things to learn from each other.

5 Android features Apple should bring to the iPhone

Looking at what the competition does well always comes in handy for improving your own product. These 5 features on Android phones we think Apple should implement on the iPhone.

#1 A control panel like Android’s on iPhone

The control panels of both iPhone and Android call up by swiping down from the top edge of the screen, after which you can set the wi-fi or turn on a flashlight, among other things.

On Android phones, on the other hand, you can customize these more than is possible on Apple’s phones. With extensive customization options, users could remove features they don’t use so that they don’t take up screen space.

#2 Grouping notifications on your Apple device

Notifications on your Android devices work quite simply and are also nice and clear. If one then switches to iPhone, for example, it can take some getting used to. Notifications are not nicely categorized, so your notifications quickly look like a big mess.

Apple can also look to Android in this case, given that notifications there are grouped by app. And watch out for credit card fraud.

#3 All apps on your iPhone a new icon

Android allows a lot more personalization on their phones than Apple does on the iPhone. While it is technically just possible to customize the icons of your apps on iOS it works very cumbersome. On Android you have packages for that that customize all the icons in one fell swoop.

iPhone notes app, Apple, AndroidWe can make this more interesting. (Image: Brett Jordan / Unsplash)

#4 No extra storage, everything goes to Apple iCloud

Sure, it’s great that iCloud lets you access all your photos and videos, even from an Apple device other than your iPhone. Still, it’s a bummer that you can’t expand the memory of the phone itself with a microSD card. Many Android devices, in fact, do allow this.

#5 A homescreen like Android’s

In this, Apple has made quite a few improvements over the past few years, but the homescreens on Android remain superior. Certainly the use of widgets remains complicated. The order in which you place widgets and apps on your iPhone’s homescreen still brings many limitations.

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