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5 tips to make Apple Watch battery last longer

The battery life of the Apple Watch is generally not super good, but not super bad either. Still, there are several ways to ensure longer battery life. We list the best options for you below!

Unless you have an Apple Watch Ultra, the fun is often over after 18 hours or so. Of course, the battery drains faster if you use it more often, but even with little use, the smartwatch guzzles power.

Here’s how to make your Apple Watch battery last longer

With the following five tips, we hope your Apple Watch can last a little longer on a full charge:

#1 Use Low Power Mode

By far the easiest way to save battery juice on your Apple Watch is to use power-saving mode. This mode uses less energy, but you have to temporarily do without features like Always-on and a mobile connection.

Low Power Mode requires watchOS 9 or newer. Swipe from bottom to top to bring up the quick menu and tap Battery Percentage. Then enable Power Saving Mode.

#2 Disable optimized charging

Apple offers the option of optimized charging for your Apple Watch. In doing so, the smartwatch learns from your habits, charging the wearable to 100 percent only when you need it.

However, this also causes it to sometimes not charge beyond 80 percent when you need the Apple Watch. Here’s how to turn it off: go to Settings and tap Battery. Go to Battery Condition and turn off Optimized Charging.

Apple Watch gets major metamorphosis by watchOS 10Apple’s smart watch. (Image: Unsplash/Raagesh C)

#3 Say goodbye to the always-on screen

The always-on screen is a nice addition to the Apple Watch, but it does eat up energy. When you turn off the mode, the screen comes on automatically by moving your wrist toward you. It takes some getting used to, but it will definitely increase battery life. To do this, go to settings and tap Screen and Brightness. Scroll down and disable Always on.

#4 Fewer health features on your Apple Watch

By default, your Apple Watch is tracking your health all day long. That also takes some juice from your battery. The heart rate monitor, saturation readings and respiratory rate readings can be turned off through the Watch app on your iPhone. Go to Privacy and uncheck the sensors you don’t necessarily need.

#5 Reduce notifications

Receiving one push notification after another throughout the day is not only blood-irritating, it also impacts your Apple Watch’s battery life. Turning off as many notifications as possible is a simple way to have more battery left at the end of the day. You control this through the Watch app on your iPhone, under the Notifications heading.

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