Apple Reality Pro impressive concept paints a good picture of

Apple VR at release likely to feature this beloved app

After Apple announced Final Cut Pro for the iPad yesterday, the rumor mill has gone full speed ahead. If Apple actually comes out with its much-discussed VR glasses, video editing will get an upgrade you’ll be amazed at.

If Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman is to be believed, the application, like Logic Pro, will also come out for Apple’s new product at launch. Could it really be?

Apple VR most likely to get beloved app

The enthusiasm among Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro and iPad users cannot be described. Apple announced yesterday that the two immensely popular apps will be available on the company’s tablets starting next week.

This is a nice preview of what we can expect this June. Mark Gurman let us know that Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro may also find their way into the VR world around that time, provided Apple releases its much talked about VR/AR headset, of course.

Gurman doesn’t fully confirm it, but he doesn’t see why Apple would choose not to. It would be a wonderful stepping stone to show global consumers the usefulness of such a product. But whether that works…

Isn’t this very cumbersome?

The big question, of course, is how exactly Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro work in VR. You might think you are physically running through your timeline or cutting video files with virtual scissors. As someone who regularly edits video, I can tell you that few people are waiting for this.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro find their way to the iPadPro (Image: Apple)

What would be ideal, though, is for the VR glasses to replace your Mac’s monitor. That certain tools are in a certain place in your field of vision or even outside of it. I would really like it if I have the preview of my project in front of me, with the timeline underneath and I can look to the left to take a closer look at the other files.

Whether Apple will actually do this, of course, we don’t know, but Gurman’s expectations are often correct. Still, take this story with a grain of salt and wait patiently to see what WWDC 2023 will bring us.

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