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Google I/O 2023: new Android smartphone and tablet coming to the Netherlands

During Google I/O 2023, Google showed a few new Android products to the world. However, the big question is: which products can we enjoy here in the Netherlands?

Although that much-discussed Pixel Fold will have to wait for now, there are two other new Android products that we can welcome in our country. A new smartphone and tablet are eagerly awaiting you.

Google brings Pixel 7a to the Netherlands

Since last year, Android fans in the Netherlands can also finally officially enjoy Google Pixel. Although the smartphones previously entered our country with a detour, the American company is now making it just a little easier. Not only with the Google Pixel 7 (Pro), but also with the new Pixel 7a.

That’s nice, because the A models have been among the best budget options in the Android market for years. At Google I/O 2023 we will get encouragement and expect that this will not change in the coming year either.

Indeed, for the price of 509 euros you get a tasty Android smartphone. You can get it at Belsimpel, Ben, Tele2, T-Mobile and the Google Store.

During Google I/O 2023, it becomes clear that we in the Netherlands may soon welcome a new Android phone and tablet.Pixel 7a (Image: Google)

Google I/O 2023: how good is that Android smartphone?

For that approachable price, you get an Android smartphone with a familiar design. Anyone who held the Pixel 7 in their hands earlier this year will no doubt recognize it, and that’s a big plus as far as we’re concerned.

The same goes for the specifications that come with it, by the way. Namely, the device is based on Google’s Tensor G2 chip that, with 8GB of working memory, is powerful enough to bing your favorite content or play games.

Furthermore, the Google Pixel 7a offers you features like Face Unlock, you get a 90Hz display and the camera system ensures that you can take fine photos with it. But Google will explain that best to you itself.

During Google I/O 2023, it becomes clear that we may soon welcome a new Android phone and tablet in the Netherlands.The new Pixel Tablet (Image: Google)

Much talked about Google Pixel Tablet is also coming

In addition to the Google Pixel 7a, Android fans will also be able to enjoy a new tablet. The Pixel Tablet, which was unveiled last year, is coming to our country next month.

Starting June 20, the Android tablet will go on sale at a price of 679 euros. In the Netherlands, the device will be available at Coolblue and the official Google Store. Just like the special case with metal ring stand with which you can easily put the Pixel Tablet down. This one will cost you an additional 99 euros.

You don’t have to buy that one, by the way, because during Google I/O 2023 it becomes clear that the Pixel Tablet comes with a charging dock. This is equipped with a speaker, which instantly transforms the model into a Nest Hub. Spicy handy, in other words.

Google Pixel tablet on standGoogle Pixel Tablet (Image: Google)

Google I/O 2023: what does the Android tablet have to offer?

Like the Pixel phones, the Pixel Tablet will lean on Tensor G2. Thanks to that chip’s AI capabilities, features such as the Magic Eraser and sharpening Photos will be available.

Anyway, we actually tell you all about that in the article below as well:

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