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App Store Pearls: with Canva on your iPad, design is a breeze

Every day we search the Internet to find the cutest apps from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Today OMT editor Dunke van Boekel unveils a true work of art, namely Canva.

Whether you want to prepare a pitch for your boss, are hobbying with storyboards or just want to get creative, with Canva on your iPad you can easily create the most beautiful visualizations of your ideas.

Design from your iPad

If you need to prepare a presentation and are not sure how to visually convey your pitch, the App Store Pearl Canva is going to help you. In fact, the iPad app already offers you quite a few templates, so you can already form an idea of how the image will look.

All these templates can be customized to your liking, with a large library of elements you can add. Even your own images can be implemented, so this App Store Pearl also comes in handy for creating collages and similar features.

By the way, what’s also nice about this app: you can edit the canvas with several people at the same time. All add your iPads, and just see what beauty comes out of it. Normally this feature is fairly limited, but for teams who want to work together, there are more features available in the Canva for Teams subscription (more on that later).

Get this canvas from the App Store

When your creation is finished, you can of course just export or download it, but with this App Store Pearl you can also post it directly to all social media. So you can simply edit your Instagram Stories and post them online right from the iPhone app. Unfortunately, there’s a catch, though, called Canva Pro.

App Store Pearls, iPadCanva. (Image: Canva)

For this premium version of the iPad app, you need a piggy bank of as much as 120 euros per year (or 13 euros per month). This gives you access to more tools and more complex templates. Oh, and you can use the entire catalog of stock images. For 14 euros a month, you can use the App Store Pearl with a team of 5 people, but that price goes up as more people join.

Even if, on the other hand, you don’t spend a penny on the iPad app, Canva is a very fine application to clarify the images from your brain on image. Check out the app here.

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