LEGO game Brick Tales finally coming to Apple iPhone and

LEGO game Brick Tales finally coming to Apple iPhone and iPad

Ever felt the need to go wild with a LEGO game on your iPhone or iPad? So now that chance is definitely here. The Danish company, in collaboration with ClockStone Studio and Thunderful, is giving you the opportunity to build like crazy with Brick Tales.

Lego Bricktales will be available on iPhones and iPads on April 27. It uses a “brick-by-brick” building mechanism to create worlds, vehicles and more. In other words, you can build whatever you want and create a world like with rainbows (small reference to LEGO Movie, but soit).

LEGO offers iPhone and iPad builders plenty of room

Players are given a set of bricks at each location and must come up with a structure that works. In addition to puzzles and tasks, the game also offers more construction options in the theme park to customize the attractions.

That leaves the question of whether it will be as insane as, say, Sim City, or City Skylines. Maybe even RollerCoaster Tycoon or Planet Coaster? We don’t think so.

The creators (of course) are excited about it, though. “Everyone loves LEGO bricks, and we are no exception, so we are extremely happy to have the opportunity to work on a LEGO video game,” said Tri Do Dinh, Game Designer at Clockstone.

“We hope you enjoy this first look at LEGO Brick Tales and have fun immersing yourself in the game’s story, sandbox mode, unlockable abilities and much more!”

So what can we expect from the relatively inexpensive game?

A world traveling adventure on your Apple device

A few keypoints dropped if you play this game on iPhone or iPad:

Experience a whimsical and epic adventure on your Apple iPhone or iPad around the world, packed with charming dialogue and fun secrets to unravel.
Stunning diorama worlds: explore five different storylines and the amusement park hub, all built entirely from LEGO bricks.
Test your skills with varied puzzles.
Build your unique character: create your minifigs with many parts and unlock more options inspired by the worlds you visit as you progress through the story.

But it is and always has been an iOS game, so we’re going to watch this with suspicion. Does that make it bad? Very definitely not. We’ve played many a mobile game that really put us on the edge of our seats.

Macintosh Plus Lego 004 MacbookA classic? (Image via: Lego Ideas)

Nice promises, but let’s be honest: will ClockStone actually pull this off on an Apple iPhone or iPad? Because in other words, a bin full of LEGO without having to sort sounds good. Too good? At any rate, Brick Tales will be released on April 27.

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