PlayStation Studios Mobile special smartphone team does not make games

PlayStation Studios Mobile: special smartphone team does not make games

Whether you like it or not, the market for mobile games on your iPhone or Android is huge. Of course, Sony also wants to get a piece of that pie. That’s why the company created a division last year called PlayStation Studios Mobile.

Now it turns out that this studio is not really exactly about the actual production of these games. Rather, it seems the studio is putting a focus on coordinating which games will be playable on your iPhone or Android when.

Probably no classic PlayStation games on your iPhone or Android

So if you were waiting for mobile versions of your favorite PlayStation games on your iPhone or Android phone, we have to disappoint you. In fact, this studio focuses on licensing PlayStation franchises, strategies and supporting developers. On the other hand, some mobile games are reportedly being worked on within Sony itself.

This information can be found out by looking at some job descriptions for positions at PlayStation Studios Mobile. In them we can see, among other things, that the goal of this team is thus to figure out which PlayStation franchise would fit best on an iPhone or Android. And of course to then find the best developers for that, both inside and outside Sony.

There also seems to be particular interest in mobile games of the free-to-play variety. At the end of August last year, it was already announced that PlayStation had bought the studio Savage Game Studios. This one is reportedly already working on making a mobile game, but whether this is for iPhone, Android or both is not yet known.

So what can we expect?

So while nothing is known yet about what projects are now in the pipeline at PlayStation Studios Mobile, we do know that Sony at least wants to bet heavily on the mobile market. By 2025, the company wants half of their games to also be on iPhone and Android devices.

PlayStation, Android, iPhoneCharacters look top notch (Image: PlayStation)

At least a mobile version of, say, The Last of Us would be perfect when the (former HBO) Max adaptation of the second game starts in a while. Sony can rake in a lot of players that way. After all, everyone has an iPhone or Android phone these days.

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