Delicious iPhone functionality takes FaceTime to the next level

Delicious iPhone functionality takes FaceTime to the next level

FaceTime is the best app on your iPhone for video calling. Yet it can still be a notch better, but you have to do something for that yourself. We reveal the big secret.

When you talk to someone over FaceTime, of course you want to do so undisturbed. Nothing more agonizing than trying to talk, but the other person can’t hear you. Fortunately, you can do something about that, through a special setting on your iPhone.

New in iOS 16.4: voice isolation for iPhone calls

It seems so simple to have a clear conversation via FaceTime. Yet there really is a lot more to it. Of course, a good connection is extremely important for a conversation over your iPhone. But once that’s taken care of, sometimes it can still be difficult to make yourself understood.

iOS 16.4 for the iPhone hasn’t been out very long, but it already has an ideal feature for people making (video) calls via FaceTime. Well, the feature is not entirely new, but it has now been expanded considerably.

In 2021, Apple introduced Voice Isolation on your iPhone via iOS 15. At the time, this option was only for video calls in FaceTime. The feature filters the sound around your iPhone, allowing the person you are calling with to better understand you.

With iOS 16.4, Apple expanded this feature for the iPhone. Now it is also possible to filter the sound for calls you make without a camera. Pretty convenient, of course.

FaceTime on iPhoneVideo calling with your buddies. (Image: Ben Collins / Unsplash)

Here’s how to apply it to Facetime

Still, this feature can be quite difficult to find because it is well hidden. You don’t have to go to your iPhone’s Settings for this.

No, the feature is hidden in the control center of the iPhone. To do this, you have to swipe down from the top right corner. Then click on mic mode and there you can find the option for voice isolation.

Voice isolation, by the way, is not the only feature hidden that way in FaceTime. This also applies to wide spectrum. This option does the opposite of voice isolation and actually allows ambient sounds to be heard. This is useful, for example, when calling in a group.

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