5 next level gadgets that will make your Nintendo Switch even

5 next-level gadgets that will make your Nintendo Switch even more magisterial

The Nintendo Switch is a very fine console, but there are still a few minor comments you can make about the console. With these gadgets, you can eliminate some of these complaints.

Before the successor to the wildly popular Nintendo console becomes available, we’ll have to wait a while. In the meantime, you can improve your experience on the Switch.

5 next-level gadgets for your Nintendo Switch

These five gadgets will make the Nintendo hybrid console even better than it already was. Check out the list below.

#1 The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The first gadget you’ll want to purchase for your Nintendo Switch is the Pro Controller. The Joy-Cons regularly suffer from stick drift, something you won’t have to deal with with this gadget.

The Pro Controller is very comfortable in the hand and supports scanning Amiibo. Moreover, it also has the Joy-Cons’ incredibly fine HD Rumble.

#2 Instax Mini Link

Taking screenshots on the Nintendo Switch can be quite fun. Selfies in the Mushroom Kingdom or the beautiful environments of Naru in the Ori games. Instead of sharing these photos on social media, you can use the Instax Mini Link.

Nintendo Switch, gadgetsNice gadget. (Image: InstaX)

Using Bluetooth, you connect this little device to your Nintendo Switch, then you can print out all your photos. You can also print out QR codes to videos. That way there is always some kind of physical reminder of your digital adventures.

#3 Hori Split Pad Pro

We just mentioned it with the Pro Controller, but the Joy-Cons just aren’t exactly perfect. Stick drift aside, especially people with larger hands have trouble holding the Nintendo Switch in handheld form comfortably.

The Hori Split Pad Pro is really just a Pro Controller chopped in half, complete with grips so the Switch is more comfortable in your hands.

#4 Genki Covert Dock

Of course, the feature that makes the Nintendo Switch truly unique is that you can play in both handheld and docked mode. By placing the Switch in the dock, you can play your games on the television. But what if you could also take that dock with you?

Nintendo Switch, gadgetsTakes up a little less space anyway. (Image: Genki)

This little cube actually functions just like the dock that comes with your Nintendo Switch, but 10 times smaller. With two cables, you connect the dock to your TV and Switch, and you can game on the television again.

#5 An SD card

It may seem bland, but an SD card is actually a must-have for your Nintendo Switch. The console by itself only has a meager 32 GB of storage, and even though games are not incredibly large, you fill it up very quickly.

By inserting a microSD (it doesn’t really matter how much storage, but around 128 or 256 GB is recommended) into the Switch, you can install all the games, take screenshots and save clips you want without constantly deleting things.

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