Apple comes up with this special AirTag for Japanese New

Apple comes up with this special AirTag for Japanese New Year

Apple regularly comes out with special versions for AirPods and the AirTag. This time, the tracker gets a little metamorphosis for Japanese New Year.

The AirTag has been available for a little over a year and a half now. The gadget is ideal for the real slob who loses his stuff, or for someone who keeps track of his important items. Because it connects to any nearby Apple device, you’ll never lose anything again.

A special edition of the AirTag in Japan.

Such an AirTag is of course extremely handy, but the tracker is not really very pretty. It is just a white round object, with some metal inside. That could be prettier according to Apple, and so it is now coming out with a special edition of the object.

Apple is in fact launching a special edition for Japanese New Year. The AirTag therefore features a rabbit. And that makes perfect sense since the year of the rabbit has arrived according to the Japanese calendar.

Apple AirTag Japan.Party in Japan! (Image: Apple)

This is how you become the owner of your own

Unfortunately for us, the special edition of the AirTag is only available in Japan and thus not in our country. So if you want to have one, you will have to know someone in the country, or look sweetly on a very good friend who is just traveling there and wants to bring a copy for you.

In addition, people don’t just get the AirTag there. Customers can only buy it when they also purchase an iPhone from the Apple Store, reports Forbes. The promotion is only valid for two days. The limited edition AirTag will only be available on January 2 and 3, 2023. They must be quick, though, because only 30,000 of them will be made in total.

Incidentally, the AirTag is not the only promotion in Japan. During the two-day event, customers can also score a gift card with the purchase of certain Apple products.