1684658154 Apple likely to announce these iPhone features at WWDC

Apple likely to announce these iPhone features at WWDC

In just over two weeks, WWDC, Apple’s developer conference, will start. There we can also expect some news about the iPhone and iOS 17. These new features may be announced.

iOS 17 is the new operating system for the iPhone that should appear during the release of the 15 series. Presumably that will be sometime around September this year. As we have come to expect from Apple, it means another bunch of new features. But what exactly can we expect?

This is what we expect from the iPhone and iOS 17 at WWDC

During WWDC, Apple presents new features for the iPhone although sometimes it is questionable whether they are actually coming right away. For example, there are things announced for iOS 16 that still haven’t appeared. We tell you what we expect and hope for iOS 17.

#1 New App Stores

Apple is under pressure from the European Union. Not only does it have to add a USB-C port on the iPhone, it also has to change its software. This is because it believes Apple has a monopoly on it, making competition impossible.

Therefore, there should be multiple providers of apps. Think for example of Microsoft with its game store on the iPhone. Exactly when Apple is going to allow this is unknown, but possibly as early as iOS 17.

#2 Renewed internet browsers

In terms of competition, things may start to change in the field of Internet browsers. So far, providers such as Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge must use Apple’s Webkit. There are rumors that in iOS 17 browsers will be allowed to use their own created engine.

Safari Chrome iOS 15 Apple GoogleSafari vs. Chrome (Image: Apple and Google / Edit: OMT)

#3 New design for various Apple apps

If rumors are to be believed, several Apple apps such as Wallet and Health are going to get a makeover. These two will get a slightly different look. It should also become possible to search better in apps.

#4 Interactive widgets

Widgets have been a fixture on the iPhone since iOS 14. With iOS 17, they might be revamped. Now widgets only display information, but it may be that we can do more with them in the new version. How about a switch or scroll function, for example.

#5 A new control panel for the iPhone

For your iPhone’s control panel, swipe down at the top right of your screen. There you will then see various functions that you can use right away. This one has been the same for years but is going to be revamped in iOS 17. Exactly how it will look remains to be seen.

#6 Improvement for the Dynamic Island on the iPhone.

Apple launched the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max last year. Presumably with the iPhone 15, regular versions will also get the camouflage for the notch. So there is still plenty of room for improvements.

Dynamic Dock on Mac should make it forget Dynamic IslandThe Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. (Image: OMT/Mark Hofman)

Especially when talking about third-party apps. So it is quite possible that Apple is going to give them more space in the feature in iOS 17, making the feature for the iPhone even better.

#7 Innovations for CarPlay in iOS 17.

CarPlay an sich is not new, of course, but we are still waiting for some of the innovations that were announced for iOS 16. It’s possible we’ll see them in iOS 17. Among other things, it would start supporting cars that have multiple screens and be able to read more information from the car itself, such as the radio and climate control.

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