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iPhone has a hidden trackpad to support your Mac

Typing on your iPhone may not always go smoothly, for example due to problems with autocorrect or because you accidentally tap the wrong letters. With the hidden trackpad, you can easily undo mistakes. Here’s how it works.

A typo is in a small corner, and if you’ve made one, it can sometimes be difficult to get the cursor in exactly the right place with the magnifying glass. Fortunately, there’s a handy solution to that, allowing you to use your iPhone as support for your Mac. The feature also works on your iPad.

Hidden trackpad on your iPhone

To bring out your iPhone’s secret trackpad, simply hold down the space bar on the keyboard. Then the letters on the keyboard fade away and you can use the entire keyboard as a trackpad.

Although it looks like your Mac’s trackpad, you only use it to move your cursor as you type, and not to switch tabs, for example. Of course, you can accomplish that with a simple tap or swipe on the screen.

As long as you keep your finger on the screen, you can move the cursor. As soon as you release your finger, you place the cursor. Then you can continue to modify your text, for example, by removing or adding letters.

Typing on iPhoneTyping just as fast and easy as on your Mac. (Image: Jenny Ueberberg / Unsplash)

Support for your Mac

Thanks to this handy little trick, your iPhone has become a lot more convenient as a device to type on. You can leave your Mac closed a little more often and choose to do the typing on your smartphone.

If you still find the iPhone just a little too small, then it’s a nice touch that this hidden trackpad feature also just works on your iPad. It makes your productivity even easier, so you can get to work wherever and whenever you want on your device of choice.

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