1684052470 Powerful Series 9 looks to leave Apple Watch Ultra behind

Powerful Series 9 looks to leave Apple Watch Ultra behind

Although the Apple Watch gets a new chip every year, the difference from its predecessor is usually not very big. Especially in terms of computing power, the steps are particularly small. Or were, because this year everything is going to be different.

At least, that is the situation outlined by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. The reliable journalist knows Apple fans are excited about the Series 9 coming out this year.

The big downside of the Apple Watch

Yes, the Apple Watch Series 8 has a different chip than the Series 7. For example, the former received the S8 chipset from Apple, while the second model has an S7 chipset. There is definitely a difference between the two, but the CPU is practically the same.

Indeed, in terms of CPU, there is no difference between the S8 chip, S7 chip and even the S6 chip. So you can say that the Apple Watch Series 8 has the same computing power as the 2020 Apple Watch Series 6. And that is not only true for the Series 8.

The impressive Apple Watch Ultra, released in the latter part of 2022, also uses this dated chipset. A downside that makes it look like it will lose the battle with the Series 9.

Series 9 rises above the Ultra

Indeed, Mark Gurman reports that the Series 9, the smartwatch Apple is launching this year, is more powerful than the 2022 Ultra. This is due to the new S9 chipset, which, unlike its predecessors, is more than just a simple redesign.


Who is Mark Gurman?

Mark Gurman is a technology journalist working at Bloomberg. He has been writing about Apple for more than a decade, previously worked for 9to5Mac and is among the most reliable sources. He is known anno 2023 mainly for his own newsletter: Power On.

According to the journalist, the Apple Watch Series 9’s chip will be based on the A15 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 13. Despite the fact that this chip is already two years old in 2023, this still represents a big step forward.

The only thing left for Apple to do to overturn Gurman’s theory is to release a second-generation Ultra. But the chances of the Cupertino-based company doing that seem extremely slim.

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