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App Store Pearls: Skyview brings the universe to your iPhone for free

There are apps that let you forget about the world for a moment: Insta shows you pretty pictures, Twitter bakkels, and TikTok (whatever) dances. What a divine blessing, then, is Apple’s App Store Pearl like Skyview. OMT editor is simply in love. Because do you often stare at the sky? This app makes it even more beautiful.

SkyView is a popular augmented reality app that you download for iOS devices from the App Store, and with it you can explore and identify objects in the night sky. The app uses your camera and GPS to provide an interactive stargazing experience. And it is unrealistically beautiful.

Apple Store Pearls notwithstanding: Skyview wins on your iPhone

Using SkyView is simple. Just open the App Store Pearl and point your iPhone at the sky. Then use the camera to show a live view of the sky. Thanks to NASA, among others, with labels and information about celestial bodies, you get additional information on the screen immediately.

When you have the app open, you can tap on any object to learn more about it, such as its name, distance from Earth and other fun facts. Who would have thought Jupiter was always so bright? (Quite the fatty of the universe, so mwah.)

skyviw, app store, app, iphoneWonderful with all the planets in a row. (Image: Skyview)

One of SkyView’s most awesome features is its ability to track the movements of celestial bodies in real time. In the time that the Earth rotates and the night sky changes, the App Store Pearl updates to show the new positions of stars, planets and other objects.

In other words, you can time travel thanks to Skyview. Users can even set the app to show the sky as it will look at a future time or date. The App Store Pearl contains a database of more than 2.5 million stars (a pittance) and other objects, allowing users to explore and learn about the cosmos to their hearts’ content.

Real-time tracking of stars by the App Store

So if you have a total focus on stars (we do) then Skyview is an app you must have. The App Store Pearl has a user-friendly interface, extensive database and real-time tracking capabilities.

In other words, Skyview in the App Store makes it an essential tool for both amateur and professional astronomers. Whether you are an experienced stargazer or just starting out, SkyView is definitely a valuable addition to your iPhone or iOS device.

Live long and prosper.

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