Thats how much more powerful the M2 chip appears to

That’s how much more powerful the M2 chip appears to be versus the current generation

When Apple announced the M2 processor, the company naturally announced that this chipset is faster and more powerful than its predecessor. But exactly how much do the two processors differ? We may get that answer from leaked benchmark information, from a 13-inch MacBook Pro on Geekbench.

Apple’s new M2 processor runs at a clock speed of 3.49 Ghz. That’s not a whole lot higher than the clock speed of its predecessor, which remains at 3.2 Ghz. This gives the M2 a single-core score of 1,919 points on Geekbench. The M1 scores about twelve percent lower with 1,707 points.

Difference between Apple M2 and M1 processors

Looking at the multi-core score, the M2 processor comes in at a figure of 8,928 points. The M1 model scores about twenty percent lower than its successor in this area, with a score of 7,419. To what extent do the differences in percentages correspond to Apple’s claims?

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CPU Benchmarks have leaked for Apple’s M2 chip!

3.49GHz CPU clock vs M1’s 3.2GHz
Single-core performance gain vs M1: 11.56%
Multi-core performance gain vs M1: 19.45%

A little bit better than my estimates. I’m impressed!
Thanks to @amoss_137 for sharing.

– Vadim Yuryev (@VadimYuryev) June 15, 2022

Apple claims in press releases that the M2 processor is about eighteen percent faster than the M1 chipset. And if we look at the numbers from Geekbench, that’s pretty much in line with the real world. At least now, as a consumer, you really know where you stand when it comes to performance.

Along another benchmark

The new M2 processor also went by another benchmark, which records the Metal score. There, the M2 scores a point total of 30,627 points. That’s much higher than the Metal score of the M1, which records 21,001 points. The M2 features a total of ten cores; the M1 has up to eight.

What exactly can you do with all those points? Well, the higher, the better. Geekbench measures the capabilities of the cpu and gpu, allowing you to compare the results with processors and graphics cards from other parties. The company does this for computers, but also for smartphones and tablets, for example.

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