1661206179 This is how long it takes to finally get your

This is how long it takes to finally get your Mac Studio

Six months after the Mac Studio appeared on the market, Apple is still dealing with delivery problems. Several foreign media report the problems in their market, but what about in the Netherlands?

Those who want to buy a new Mac Studio have to think hard about it at the moment. On the one hand because of the huge amount of money you have to pay, but also because of the patience you have to have. It takes a while before you are provided with your copy. And with a while I mean, a long time.

Mac Studio ordering in the Netherlands

In March 2022, Apple announced the new Mac Studio. Besides the fact that I don’t want to believe that this is already almost half a year ago, I also can’t believe that Apple still can’t meet the demand. Almost immediately after the announcement, the first problems surfaced. The hope was that this would soon change, but practice shows a different development.

Dutch consumers who want to get started with the Mac Studio have both luck and bad luck. Sounds a bit confusing perhaps, but it has completely to do with which model you go for. If you go for the 10-core CPU Studio with the M1 Max chip, you can pick it up at the Apple Store on Tuesday, September 6. If you have it delivered to your home, you’ll be provided between August 30 and September 6. Not a whole lot going on, then.

Mac Studio(Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

If you need more computing power, however, then you’re in trouble. The 24-core CPU model with the M1 Ultra chip is taking a long time to arrive. Those who order the computer from Apple today can pick it up in almost nine weeks at the Apple Store. We are talking about Tuesday, October 25. Do you have him home delivered? Then it is possible to receive it between October 11 and October 25.

What exactly is going on at Apple?

Since its launch in March, Apple, with the Mac Studio, has been running into problems. Consumers who had pre-ordered it were the big winners, because from the official launch things went wrong. Apple’s new computer was soon in short supply. New orders were soon delivered only in April and it did not get any better.

What exactly is going on at Apple? Officially, we don’t have an answer to that. The American company is not putting out any reports about the delivery problems. As far as that goes, it could be the result of a huge success. Although the chances are pretty good that there is more to it.

Like the rest of the market, Apple is no doubt facing a chip shortage. As a result, production is not running as planned, so it has fewer units in supply than previously intended. An excellent example of supply and demand. Annoying, both for the consumer and for Apple.

It is only to be hoped that the problems, both for the Mac Studio and future products, can be resolved quickly.

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