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Why Apple doesn’t want you to hang up if you accidentally call 911

Although Apple is doing everything it can to fix problems, unfortunately there are still plenty of situations where iPhone users with Accident Detection accidentally call 911. Many of them also hang up immediately, but that’s something the company says you’d better not do.

In its updated support document, which can be found on its official website, Apple discusses the situation, MacRumors’ observant editors note.

Accident detection headache file for Apple

Last September, Apple introduced the Accident Detection functionality. A convenient way for the iPhone to quickly call emergency services in the event of an accident. The feature involves several sensors that can quickly detect the impact of such an accident.

Apple does that well, but perhaps a little too well. In fact, since rolling out the functionality, the company has faced a slew of problems. Many iPhone users had to deal with an activation of Accident Detection due to, for example, a ride on a roller coaster, which later included skiers.

Apple did its best to fix the problems with software updates, but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive fix yet. So there are still people who accidentally call 911.

Hanging up immediately not an option

In its updated support document, Apple addresses iPhone users for whom this is the case. In recent months, many users, mostly due to panic, immediately disconnected emergency services. And let that be exactly not a good idea.

SOS emergency notification now also coming to iPhone 14 in the NetherlandsAsking for help via satellite. (Image: Apple)

Apple indicates that it is better to keep emergency services on the line so you can explain to them that there is no emergency. This way, they won’t rush out for nothing and will be on standby as soon as disaster strikes.

In addition to the convenient Accident Detection, Dutch iPhone models now have the ability to make Emergency Calls via satellite. Once you do not have an active connection to a mobile network, users can always reach the emergency services.

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