Dont feel like buying Sonos These alternatives are definitely worthwhile.webp

Don’t feel like buying Sonos? These alternatives are definitely worthwhile

We love Sonos. The company’s speakers are high quality and by putting several together you get a great sound system. And the company is far from finished, recently they released two new speakers.

Still, competition is valuable, especially for a product that is already so well received. But what options are available versus the current king of multi-room sound?

To help you navigate among the many options the world of speakers offers as alternatives to Sonos, we’ve compiled a list for you here. Check out the options below.

#1 HomePod is Apple’s Sonos

Apple came out with the first HomePod years ago, but sales were disappointing at the time. Now the company has the HomePod 2023 and HomePod Mini on sale for anyone who wants Sonos, but specifically from Apple.

Smart speaker Home Pod, SonosApple HomePod (Image: Howard Bouchevereau / Unsplash)

The HomePod 2023 is going to cost you 349 euros and includes support for Siri. Also, the speaker automatically adjusts itself, according to the acoustics of the room it is placed in, so you will always have the best quality sound. The Homepod does work only with Apple devices and does not have Bluetooth capabilities. Like the Sonos, you can pair two HomePods for stereo sound.

#2 Audio Pro

Like Sonos, Audio Pro’s catalog of products is quite extensive. From compact speakers to the larger bars that you can put next to the TV, the choice is certainly vast. In addition, many of the Audio Pro speakers have the ability to connect with Bluetooth. So with Audio Pro, you can certainly scrape together a good multi-room sound system.

#3 Klipsch scares Sonos

Klipsch is the place to be if you have plans for a real home theater. Sound is obviously very important in that, and with this Sonos alternative you get good quality in the house. They may not be as subtle as what you can expect from Sonos, but if you like a bombastic sound experience, a look at Klipsch is recommended.

#4 Denon

Most of Denon’s products use the so-called HEOS platform. This links the speakers so you can listen to music synchronously throughout your home just like with Sonos devices. Although the quality of sound is not at the level of Sonos, with Denon you still have a very solid alternative on your hands.

SonosThe Denon Home 350. (Image: Denon)

#5 Bluesound

And then there is the latest Sonos alternative. Bluesound is another interesting player within the world of multi-room speaker installations. With Bluetooth and support for many streaming services via the app, you’ll be fine here. That is, as long as you can afford it. A Pulse M speaker quickly costs $549.

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