What the iPhone 15 Ultra is likely to look like

Will this new color turn the Apple iPhone 15 into a rainbow?

We are slowly creeping toward the release of the iPhone 15, and as it looks, we are spoiled for choice as rumors state that there will be a third new color. Earlier this week the dark red color and green already came up.

Space Grey: It’s pretty much the standard color for an iPhone or even iPad and Mac. But Apple makes it a sport to introduce a new color with every new iPhone release. And for the iPhone 15, it’s probably now three new colors.

The iPhone 15 will be sparkly

Earlier this month, there were rumors that the 15 will get an intriguing red and green version. Now a cheeky new color is added to that.

It seems that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models will be available in a “unique dark blue color with a gray tint.” This color is similar to the blue tint that the iPhone 12 Pro also had.

This comes from seasoned tipster Unknownz21 and is reportedly based on information from Apple itself. The new hue was designed in conjunction with rumors of an upgrade in materials to titanium this year.

According to the leaked information, the new blue color will have “a brushed finish that is different from the stainless steel Apple has used in the past.” As we previously reported, the switch to titanium for the Pro models could mean the devices will be lighter.

iPhone 15 comes in these two bold new colorsA concept of the iPhone 15 in new colors. (Image: 9to5Mac)

Substantially more expensive iPhone

Due to the decision to use titanium, the iPhone 15 is likely to become more expensive than its predecessor. According to recent rumors, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to be more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

That device is currently officially available for around $1,476. For the most comprehensive model, you will pay 2,126 euros and get 1TB of storage. However, this raises the question of whether we will miss features on the iPhone 16 in the future. The rumor mill is running at full speed, as it seems that the buttons on the iPhone 16 will disappear.

All in all, we can assume that the iPhone 15 will again be the superlative compared to its predecessor (hopefully even more so than the 14 compared to the 13). Just two more months of patience, but we are curious to see if Tim Cook has another One More Thing.

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