1682233212 5 unique Android features you can only find at Samsung

5 unique Android features you can only find at Samsung

Almost all of the world can be divided into two camps: iPhone or Android. If you’re on team Android, it’s helpful to know that Samsung has some cool features you won’t find on other devices.

But how come Samsung actually has unique features? The answer is pretty simple. Samsung uses its own version of Android, called OneUI. That system sometimes has slightly different traits, which makes for some special features.

5 Android features that only Samsung devices have

We’ve listed the five coolest Android features on Samsung smartphones for you. These can only be found on Samsung devices.

#1 Voice Focus on Android

Voice Focus is a unique feature of One UI 5.0, available only on Samsung’s latest Galaxy models. The name kind of gives it away. The feature mutes ambient noise during a phone call so that your voice is clearly audible anytime, anywhere. Even in a packed café or along a busy road.

Voice Focus works not only while making calls, but also when video calling. Many video calling apps support the Android feature, including: WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.

#2 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED display

Samsung is known for its beautiful screens. The screen on the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the best the brand has ever had. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen with a brightness of 1,750 nits.

This means that the screen gives a bizarrely bright picture. Regardless of whether you’ve turned down the resolution or not. Thanks to the smart 120Hz technology, you can enjoy smooth scrolling and gaming without any lag. The Android screen quickly switches between different resolutions to minimize the drain on battery power.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Android, Smartphones, Review

#3 Turn your Samsung smartphone into a computer

You can also use Samsung smartphones as computers, thanks to the DeX feature. Android first introduced DeX technology on the Galaxy S8 series. Since then, every flagship model has supported the features, including the latest Galaxy S23.

DeX technology allows you to use a keyboard, mouse and monitor. In fact, you turn your Android into a Windows-like machine. You do need a special DeX cable for this. This can be purchased here.

Samsung DeXTurn your smartphone into a computer! (Image: Samsung)

#4 Pause USB Power Delivery

Android devices are fine for gaming, but of course it causes the battery to heat up quickly. This slows down the game more easily, and that comes at the expense of gameplay. Fortunately, the latest Samsung models have a solution for this.

Thanks to “Pause USB Power Delivery,” the power coming from the USB port is routed directly to the processor. At the same time, as little power as possible goes to the battery. As a result, the battery heats up less quickly and you can play a lot longer.

Android device gamingGaming on a smartphone. (Image: TechRadar)

#5 Great features for the camera

In the Android world, Samsung’s devices have by far the best cameras. The smartphones have ultra-sharp cameras that can efficiently zoom in and shoot great images even in low light.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, for example, has one of the best camera specifications in its class. The model is equipped with four cameras on the back. One of them even has a 10x optical zoom! The smartphone also offers a 12 MP front-facing camera with faster autofocus and Super HDR support to take stunning selfies.

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