1682235211 How to magically transform your iPad into a Mac alternative

How to magically transform your iPad into a Mac alternative

Apple’s iPad is becoming increasingly powerful, which in many cases eliminates the need for a laptop or desktop at all. With a few accessories, the tablet can be transformed into a full-fledged Mac alternative.

While there are plenty of reasons to want both an iPad and a Mac or MacBook in your home, for many people it is not an absolute must. Besides, it saves pennies you’d rather keep in your pocket in these expensive times.

Turning iPad into Mac

How exactly to get this done? Time for some tips!

#1 Standard or holder

One of the most useful accessories for using your iPad properly as a Mac is to buy a good stand. There are various holders, such as Elgato’s magnetic stand or Ugreen’s adjustable holder.

#2 External keyboard

What’s a Mac without a keyboard… While you can type just fine via the iPad’s touchscreen, a true Mac experience does require a physical keyboard. Since iPadOS supports just about any bluetooth keyboard, the choice is vast. Good examples are Apple’s own Magic Keyboard or the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini.

iPad Air (2022)🍏 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

#3 External mouse

In addition to a keyboard, a mouse is obviously handy to use. It’s not an absolute requirement, but it does ensure that you get the most out of the Mac experience on your iPad. Instead of Apple’s Magic Mouse, you can go for several other options, such as the Logitech MX Master 3S. There are also cheaper options, as almost any bluetooth mouse will do.

#4 A stylus?

Whereas a mouse is not necessarily necessary, neither is a stylus. Still, it can be a handy tool if you want to use your iPad as a canvas to draw on. Besides the Apple Pencil, you can consider the Logitech Crayon or the ZAGG Pro stylus.

#5 Power supply

You would almost forget, but your iPad also needs power every now and then if you want to use it as a Mac. While it obviously doesn’t need to be constantly on the charger, it’s smart to keep the charger and charging cable nearby at all times, so you can use it quickly when the battery juices are way down.

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