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After One UI 6.1, Samsung users run into the same problem

Following the rollout of One UI 6.1, Samsung users are clearly running into problems. While some people with a Galaxy S23 complain about smartphones being too hot, there are others who claim their Android phones are charging a lot slower.

Last Thursday, Samsung rolled out a delightful update to older Android smartphones with One UI 6.1. In particular, Circle to Search and other AI features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra were topics of conversation among those with last year’s model. But not without naming problems, it turns out.

Users are making themselves heard online, in various places like Reddit. Besides the fact that people think their phones are charging slightly slower, Android users in particular are complaining about the Galaxy S23 being too hot.

One UI 6.1 causes Samsung users problems

A mountain of new AI features may cause the CPU to have a slightly harder time than before. So the fact that users on Samsung’s official forum, as well as places like Reddit, are reporting a slightly hotter Galaxy S23 or Galaxy Z Fold 5 after the One UI 6.1 update is not surprising.

What does stand out is the number of reports about loading speeds. Since Samsung rolled out the update, reports have been popping up online from users who think their Galaxy S23 is charging slower than before. For example, there has even been talk of a 40% drop in speed.

Whereas the charging speed is normally around 25W, Galaxy users now notice it is around 15W.

Not everyone is affected

After research by SamMobile, one of Samsung’s best-known platforms, it becomes clear that not all users suffer. A charging speed of 25W usually means that 20W is achieved. After the One UI 6.1 update, editors find out that this is still the case.

But given the number of reports of the problems, it is clear that the problem is considerably large.

Should you also have problems with your Samsung Galaxy S23 or Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Flip 5 after One UI 6.1? If so, please send an email to redactie@want.nl.

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