Is this dog collar smarter than your smartwatch

Is this dog collar smarter than your smartwatch?

Almost all of us walk around with a smartwatch on our wrist. But did you know that your dog can also totally rock a smart collar?

Your dog might be your best friend, so you want the best for him. So you give him the best food and play with him, but did you know you can also give him a smart collar?

And by smart, we really mean smart. It helps you keep your dog in line. You can almost compare it to a smartwatch.

The smart collar that’s smarter than many a smartwatch

There are several ways to get your dog to listen. This can be done by feeding him cookies or working with a special clicker. Unfortunately, there are also bad ways that people use to keep a dog in check: for example, a collar that delivers electric shock.

However, it can be done in another way that is much more animal-friendly. No, not a smartwatch, but a smart collar from SpotOn. This one is completely wireless and has a GPS tracker. With that tracker, the collar knows exactly where the four-legged friend is and when, for example, he walks too far away. The animal then feels a vibration or hears a sound. Is the dog still not listening? Then you get a notification on your smartphone with the location.

Ingenious features for your dog

It may sound crazy comparing a collar to a smartwatch, but it really is an impressive gadget. It shows the exact distance to your dog, it knows exactly where they are and then the battery lasts a good amount of time, 22 hours to be exact.

That GPS feature is ingenious. Instead of bluetooth, like an AirTag, this collar uses a real GPS tracker that connects to satellites. This makes it, like a smartwatch, even more accurate. In the collar for that, there is a dual-band antenna that can filter out all the noise.


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Even if he runs into the bushes, you can just find your faithful four-legged friend again. Therefore, the gadget for the dog is especially suitable if you have a large garden in which he can run around freely.

For this special collar for your dog, however, you have to pay quite a bit of money. It may be smarter than a smartwatch, but it is also much more expensive. For this one, you’ll pay $999. There is another drawback: the collar is not available in the Netherlands.

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