1642348003 Will the iconic Samsung Galaxy Note get competition from Motorola

Will the iconic Samsung Galaxy Note get competition from Motorola?

There is currently a lot of uncertainty about the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. This provides opportunities for some competitors. There is a gap in the market, which Motorola, for example, can jump into. It seems that this manufacturer will come up with its own smartphone with a stylus.

If it is true that Motorola is bringing out a sort of high-end Samsung Galaxy Note, then that is not very strange. The manufacturer has already released a smartphone with a stylus, in the form of the Moto G Stylus. However, this was a midrange device, while the new model would be high-end.

Samsung Galaxy Note competitor on the way?

The rumor has started rolling in via the editors at XDA Developers. The latter has learned from good sources that the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is forthcoming. This device may get two notable accessories: the Smart Stylus and the Edge 30 Ultra Folio Case. Together, this will likely make a fine replacement for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Mororola Edge 30 PlusImage of the Motorola Edge 30 Plus with stylus. (Image: XDA Developers)

You pair the stylus with this Samsung Galaxy Note-like device via bluetooth. Then you can get to work with movements in the air and control media via the button on top. Wireless charging is also present, according to the source. The same source even calls the stylus “next-gen,” making expectations high.

Removing stylus from case

So you store the Smart Stylus inside the Edge 30 Ultra Folio Case. When you take it out again, you automatically open a specific app. Luckily you can decide exactly which app it will be (such as your favorite note-taking app). You also get a notification when the stylus has been out of the holder for a while.

It is not yet known when the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, including accessories, will be available on the market. It is also not yet clear exactly what the future holds for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Should Motorola move forward, the company may be filling a gap in the market that Samsung previously left behind.