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Android or iPhone glowing? Here’s how to prevent it

Smartphones can get very hot from time to time, especially with heavy use. This is not usually a bad thing, but can feel a bit uncomfortable. Moreover, it may indicate an underlying problem. Here’s what you can do about an Android phone or iPhone that is too hot.

Android smartphones and iPhones can get especially hot when performing demanding tasks. Playing games and opening many apps and tabs quickly raise the temperature a few degrees.

Android smartphone or iPhone too hot?

A hot smartphone (Android or iPhone) is not only less comfortable to hold, it can also cause battery levels to deplete faster and components to degrade faster. In short, it does not benefit the performance of your device.

There are several reasons why your Android or iOS device gets hot quickly. For example, they use super-bright HDR screens and powerful processors to provide the best user experience. That requires power, and that just happens to generate heat. With more demanding tasks more than usual.

Android device gamingGaming can make your smartphone glowing. (Image: TechRadar)

There may also be another problem behind it, such as a bug or malfunction. A damaged Android smartphone or iPhone can overheat faster in some cases. Problems in the software can also cause this.

Above all, don’t do these things

In any case, it is important never to cover your Android phone or iPhone. So don’t put it under your pillow while sleeping or under a blanket. It’s also not smart to leave it in the car or in full sun on a hot day.

Another common pitfall is to use your Android device or iPhone while charging or using an inappropriate charger. This actually increases the likelihood that your phone will be too hot to hold comfortably.

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