BMW and Toyota ruin your iPhone 15 but Apple comes

BMW and Toyota ruin your iPhone 15, but Apple comes up with the solution

BMW and Toyota, with their wireless chargers, are causing the NFC chips of iPhone 15 models to fail. Fortunately, Apple is coming up with a solution.

Although users have been reporting the problem for some time, Apple has not responded to the issues for now. However, a leaked internal memo (via MacRumors) shows that the company is indeed taking action.


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BMW and Toyota disrupt NFC chip iPhone 15

After several users used the wireless charger of their BMW or Toyota Supra, the iPhone 15 simply does not appear to work as well. Those smartphones’ NFC chip often stops working after use.


What does an NFC chip do?

An NFC (Near Field Communication) chip in an iPhone is a wireless communication technology that allows the exchange of information over short distances with other NFC devices, such as payment terminals, other smartphones, or smart cards.

NFC is often used for contactless payments, file sharing, device pairing, and access control, making it a versatile feature in modern mobile devices such as iPhones.

Exactly what the problem is doesn’t seem to be clear, but Apple is working behind the scenes to fix it. In an internal message to employees, the company says it is working on a software update to fix the problems.

BMW UK’s official X account acknowledges the problems and confirms working with Apple for a solution:

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

Hi Matthew, thanks for your post. The topic is currently being investigated together with Apple. We can’t offer a timeframe but we hope to get an update soon.

– BMW UK (@BMW_UK) October 6, 2023

However, Apple informs that consumers with a BMW or a Toyota Supra should not use the wireless charger with an iPhone 15, at least for the foreseeable future.

Exactly when we can expect the update is unknown at this time. Apple does say it will appear later this year.

Scary Fast: Apple is working on more

Besides solving the problems with BMW and Toyota, Apple is also working on new products behind the scenes. After the iPhone 15 event in September, it is now time for Scary Fast.

This is the first time Apple has broadcast an event during U.S. prime time. So Americans will have to choose tonight whether to watch Monday Night Football or admire an Apple presentation.

BMW and Toyota ruin your iPhone 15, but Apple comes up with the solution (Image: Apple)

A number of new MacBook and iMac models are expected during that presentation. There is also a good chance that the M3 chip will make its appearance.

The event can be viewed tonight via Apple’s official website, as well as via YouTube or the event app on your Apple TV.

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