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How Tesla is making sure your electric car is less likely to be stolen

There are many electric cars that are high on the list for car thieves, but Tesla’s are not among them. Remarkable, considering their high value. Logical, considering the measures taken by the manufacturer.

Do you own a Tesla? Then your electric car is safer than those of other brands, according to data from HLDI, the Highway Loss Data Institute. This organization collects data on car thefts for U.S. insurance companies.


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Tesla’s are not a favorite with car thieves

The least stolen Tesla models in the United States are the Model 3 and Model Y. The Model X ranks fifth. So Tesla scores well despite the fact that their cars are extremely popular. Still, there is a reason why criminals ignore Elon Musk’s electric cars.

This has everything to do with GPS tracking, a feature available to every Tesla owner. This data makes it easy to track a stolen car, not only when you forget where you parked, but also to track the location of criminals using the electric car.

Indeed, by using the Tesla app to see where the vehicle is located, police have already recovered several electric cars and reunited them with their owners.

There are 40 million cars registered in the total database, of which 18,000 have been stolen. Of these stolen vehicles, 7,000 are regular passenger cars and 11,000 are larger models, such as pickups, SUVs and vans. Tesla has the lowest percentage of claims for stolen cars, only three percent of total car thefts.

Stolen electric car TeslaThe details of the HLDI (Image: IIHS)

A good example for electric car manufacturers

This data shows that many car manufacturers should follow Tesla’s example. As a result, thieves are more likely to choose other, simpler targets.

However, it is not the only measure Tesla is taking to prevent theft. The brand is adding additional layers of security to their electric cars, such as enhanced cryptographic keys and an optional “Pin to Drive” feature.

This further reduces the chances of your electric car being stolen.

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