How iPhone users can score a free VPN with the

How iPhone users can score a free VPN with the help of Google

We spend a lot of our time on the Internet. Unfortunately, not everyone is as benevolent as the people who build sites to show random cat pictures. You no longer know if your information is safe, but Google wants to change that with Google One by making the VPN standard. For your iPhone, too.

This VPN was initially only available with the premium version of the subscription. With that, another feature has been added that should help you in this digital age.

Google One’s VPN hides your iPhone activity

In case you are now thinking, “So what is a VPN?” herewith a brief explanation. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) like Google One’s basically just masks your online presence. Every device you use has an IP address, which hackers and malicious sites or apps can use. For example, they can track your Internet activity or even find out your location. Google itself also explains here how their particular VPN now works.

So pretty handy, especially if you often use public networks like those in stores or restaurants. So now the feature is available on every paid version of Google One, instead of just the most expensive one. For $2 a month, you get 100GB of cloud storage and now also a VPN for your iPhone. You can also share this with five other users.


What was the first VPN?

The first VPN, called PPTP, was developed in 1996 by Gurdeep Singh-Pall for Microsoft. It was intended to provide secure connections between remote employees and corporate networks. Since then, VPN technology has evolved and is widely used for privacy and security on the Internet.

Even more security thanks to this subscription

In addition to this VPN, Google One now offers another new feature. It sometimes happens that a large company gets hacked and, as a result, the data of a group of people end up on the digital streets of the dark web. This still sometimes has unpleasant consequences, especially if your citizen service number is captured.

Google One’s new Dark Web Report feature lets you securely scan the dark web for personal information. You enter the data, and Google lets you know if it found anything. Then they help you with advice on how to protect this information, or which agencies to notify.

Google One’s VPN and Dark Web Report are rolling out now, with plans to make it available to anyone with a subscription in the coming weeks. Both for Android and iPhone.

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