Apple Watch is waterproof but showering is a bad idea

Apple Watch is waterproof, but showering is a bad idea for this reason

Most Apple Watch models are waterproof, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to take one into the shower. We explain how that is, in this article.

First of all, there are quite a few differences between the degree of waterproofing. Yes, you read it correctly: waterproof is by no means always truly waterproof. There are some snags, and we’d like to tell you more about them.

Apple Watch: showering or not?

Manufacturers throw around the word “waterproof” all the time, but in practice, smartphones and smartwatches are only water-resistant to a certain level and for a certain period of time. These devices are subjected to tests in which they are exposed to water before they reach the market. This is no different with the Apple Watch.

If there is no damage in these tests, then the manufacturer can attach an IP rating to it. This certification reflects the extent to which a device is moisture and dust resistant. If this rating is high enough, the Apple Watch can basically withstand the necessary amount of water, allowing you to swim with it and, of course, shower.

1678599775 424 Apple Watch is waterproof but showering is a bad ideaPrevention is better than cure… (Image: Anh Nguyen / Unsplash)

But is it also smart?

Whether it’s also smart is another question… After all, the IP rating applies the moment the Apple Watch leaves the factory. After a few years, your smartwatch is not nearly as well protected as when you bought it. Here’s the thing.

Every device, including the Apple Watch, faces wear and tear. Time is a major factor in this. Seals and gaskets wear out, allowing moisture to come through again. Bumps, falls and other damage can also reduce water resistance.

Another important factor, not often thought of, is the influence of sunlight. This is because UV radiation can age materials, such as the rubbers used to seal your smartwatch. So think carefully before taking your Apple Watch into the shower. Because even though it has IP certification, fully waterproofing is still a myth.

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