Samsung drops unexpected gift Galaxy S20 and Note 20

‘Samsung drops unexpected gift Galaxy S20 and Note 20’

People with a Galaxy S20 or Note 20 in their pocket can soon expect an unexpected gift from Samsung.

Samsung is busy rolling out operating system One UI 6 for its Galaxy S23 smartphones. A total of ten different phones were supposed to get the update, but now it seems there may be more, according to a blog from the company.


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Samsung releases Android update to the following devices

Previously, Samsung announced that only the Galaxy S21, S22, S23 line and the S21 FE One UI would get 6. However, there is good news for those with a Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20, because contrary to previous reports, those devices are now being mentioned as well.

And One UI 6 is something you really want to have on your phone. It’s an update based on Android 14, which means you’ll again find several new features in it. These mainly include AI updates and software improvements to the camera so you take even better pictures.

It was not expected that the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 would get the update. Three updates were promised and since they came with Android 10 at launch, it would have made sense that Android 13 would be the last.

Cheered too soon?

Still, we have to keep a guard up. It could be a typo, precisely because the update was previously precisely not promised. So it remains to be seen whether the operating system based on Android 14 will actually come to the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Among hip coffee cups.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20, the latest devices do get four software updates. The Korean company also has to in order not to fall behind the competition.

iPhones get at least five updates these days, for example, and Google promises to update the Pixel 8 line for seven years.

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