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Clever trick on iPhone makes for much faster smartphone

If your iPhone is slow, apps are often the culprit. But far from everyone knows how to fix this. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that gives your device extra storage space AND makes it faster.

Thomas Villalpando, a tech expert, has found a simple hack that gives your iPhone more space and therefore makes it run faster. He shared his find with online magazine She Finds.

Make your slow iPhone ‘offload’

According to Villalpando, you can make your iPhone faster by offloading apps. Offloading frees up space on your device, but leaves the icon and user data intact. If you want to use the app again, just tap the icon and wait for the automatic download to complete.

First of all, apps often collect cached data. These are temporary files that take up storage space over time. You remove these unnecessary files by offloading unused apps and increasing the available storage space. In addition, your phone will then be less slow.

In addition, apps usually contain resources such as images, videos and databases that take up a lot of space. By offloading apps, you can free up space on your iPhone without deleting this data.

Here’s how to start offloading

Within just a few seconds, you can make a big difference within your iPhone’s storage. That way, you’ll make the slow device a lot faster. And it’s not difficult at all.

Go to Settings and select the General category. Then click on iPhone storage. Here you will see a list of apps and the amount of space they take up. Find the apps you want to delete and tap on them. Select the App offload option and confirm your choice. The app is offloaded and the icon gets a cloud. The data remains on your phone, but the app itself is gone. It’s that simple: your slow phone is faster again!

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