YouTuber gives first impression of iPhone 14 Pro Max thanks

YouTuber gives first impression of iPhone 14 Pro Max thanks to replica

The time before the new iPhone hits the market is one that is usually filled with rumors. The sources are mainly suppliers and manufacturers of cases for the new models. Something that ensures that we already have a pretty good idea of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

YouTuber Unbox Therapy, one of the biggest in the world in the field of technology, contacted a special company for this reason. This company provided him with a premium replica of the new smartphone, transforming all these theories and information into an actual smartphone. A first impression was born.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: the first impression of Unbox Therapy

The video below was not made with a cheap replica. It is a special model, made by a Chinese case maker, that probably cost even more money than the actual smartphone itself. Unbox Therapy thus gets a good first impression of exactly what the iPhone 14 Pro Max will offer consumers. The smartphone is expected to be announced in September.

By the way, the iPhone 14 Pro Max replica is not functional, but mainly shows what has changed on the outside. Thus, the smartphone features the new, special, notch. Furthermore, it is noticeable that the device is slightly thicker and that the camera system, on the back of the device, is a lot larger. Mainly the lenses of the iPhone 14 Pro Max are larger. Something that clearly matches the work that well-known rumor-makers and analysts have already brought out.

Check out the video of Unbox Therapy below:

A new format

Except for the notch, the new iPhone 14 Pro Max is not going to change very much from the current model in terms of design. Although the lineup will look a little different this year. It now seems likely that the mini version of the iPhone will disappear and a Max version will take its place. This means that the Pro Max is no longer the only option for consumers who want a physically larger smartphone.

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