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The iPhone of the future lets you throw whatever you want

It’s every smartphone owner’s big nightmare: the phone falling to the ground. To protect it, you can buy a case to reduce the potential damage. With the iPhone of the future, this is no longer necessary.

Some people are extremely clumsy with their phone and always drop it from their hands. For example, think about when you are in a car and the driver suddenly accelerates hard. The iPhone then flies all over the car. Of course, it’s nice if this stays without consequences, but sometimes this goes wrong.

A sturdier iPhone

Many people choose the safe option and put a case on the iPhone. This way they hope to reduce the impact of the fall. Smart, but that won’t be necessary in the future.

Apple recently filed a new patent that makes your iPhone super sturdy. The company calls it Spatial Composite. This consists of wear-resistant elements that protect your iPhone from scuffs, scratches and other damage.

An iPhone is largely made of glass, and therein lies precisely the problem. Stronger glass is more likely to be scratched, while softer glass is more likely to break. So it is always a dilemma which solution a phone maker should choose. Soon, however, this will no longer be necessary.

The 15 Ultra looks to be different

Although it will probably be a while before Apple starts using this patent for a new iPhone, the 15 Ultra appears to be getting stronger in a different way. Apple plans to opt for a titanium frame instead of stainless steel, which the 14 Pro was built with. The big advantage of titanium is that it is lighter and stronger.

iPhone of the future you can just dropThe patent. (Image: Apple)

It makes sense that Apple wants to improve the ruggedness of the iPhone. The differences between new generation smartphone models are getting smaller and smaller. So it may be interesting to improve the phone in a different way. The sturdiness of the phone may be an ideal feature for this purpose.

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