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Considerable iPhone feature finally gets upgrade after six years

At WWDC23, the event that kicks off on June 5, we will most likely be introduced to iOS 17. The new operating system for the iPhone is likely to get a lot of cool, new features. But there is probably one that is going to steal the show.

Rumors, coming from website MacRumors, point to the introduction of a revamped control panel. Should that actually be the case, Apple is tackling the part in question for the first time since iOS 11.

iPhone gets new control panel thanks to iOS 17

Apple provides the iPhone with new software every year. During WWDC, the developer conference, it is announced. Then, developers and beta testers get to work with test versions to ensure a smooth launch in the fall. This year, it is logically time for iOS 17.

The operating system for the iPhone, if the latest rumors are to be believed, is getting a hefty load of cool features. Yet one is currently stealing the show. According to MacRumors, Apple is tackling the control panel for the first time since iOS 11, released six years ago.

On your iPhone, this is the handy menu where you can quickly control your HomeKit accessories, Focus Modes and media, for example. Exactly what will be different from the current design is not known, but that it will be different seems certain.

Apple introduced the control panel in 2013 with the introduction of iOS 7. In 2017, Apple provided it with a new design, which has remained practically the same until today.

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Multiple App Stores?

However, there is a very strong possibility that Apple is going to tackle the App Store as well. Or rather, start allowing other App Stores. Whether the American company will do this directly with iOS 17 we do not know, of course, but it will be the operating system that carries the change.

This has everything to do with the Digital Markets Act, better known as the DMA. Namely, the European Union wants Apple to allow third-party App Stores on its products, including the iPhone, starting in 2024.

A regulation that companies like Microsoft, with a real app store for the Xbox, are already smartly anticipating.

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