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Samsung sees popularity of foldable phones increase

Dr. TM Roh, in charge of the Mobile Experience Business department at Samsung, gives an insight into Samsung’s business in a blog. For example, the top executive writes that foldable smartphones have become mainstream and that the messy past, is history. Time also to look to the future.

If you think a little longer about foldable smartphones, the conclusion is that they are quite convenient. In recent years, our smartphones – regardless of manufacturer – have gotten bigger and bigger. And there will come a time when they won’t fit in your pocket anymore (a problem women have faced for years).

Foldable smartphones from Samsung

So at least being able to fold your smartphone yields the benefit of possibly fitting it back into your pocket. Samsung wants to become the leader and expert in the field of foldable smartphones. For example, Dr. Roh writes in his blog, shared via the press mailing list, that the company will ship nearly ten million of these types of phones by 2021.

SamsungGalaxy Z Fold (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

Compared to the previous year, that’s an increase of more than three hundred percent, Dr. Koh said. “And I predict that this rapid growth will continue in the coming years.” In his blog, the top executive shares some more interesting figures, such as the split between the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.

High demand for the Flip

Last year, for example, the Galaxy Z Flip was in high demand. Seventy percent of the number of people who took delivery of a Samsung foldable smartphone chose that model. That phone is by far the most compact of the offerings, “just as the Razr phone was at the time.” And still is now, mind you.

That the Fold is slightly less popular is also explainable. It’s just how you market such a smartphone. Therefore, the Galaxy Flip is popular among women and the Galaxy Fold among people who like to be productive. If you want to read more from Dr. Koh, check out the blog here.

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