France bans iPhone 12 sales due to radiation

France bans iPhone 12 sales due to radiation

While everyone today is mostly talking about Apple Wonderlust and the iPhone 15, there is fuss in France surrounding the iPhone 12. The country is now banning sales for now because of electromagnetic radiation.

Perhaps this is the ideal time to switch to an iPhone 15 if you have an iPhone 12. The French government organization ANFR, which manages radio frequencies in the country, is banning sales of the phones. In addition, it is demanding that Apple repair all iPhone 12 models in the country.

Problems with the iPhone 12 in France

According to the organization, the iPhone 12 emits too much electromagnetic radiation, which would be harmful to health. They say this problem cannot be fixed with a software update, so all phones should be recalled for repair.

At issue is the so-called specific absorption value. This should be tested in two different ways, according to the ANFR. The first test involves measuring the electromagnetic radiation when the device is worn close to the body, such as in a pocket. The limit for this is four watts per kilogram.

The second test involves measuring radiation when the phone is slightly further away from the body, such as in a bag. Here the limit is two watts per kilogram. According to the ANFR, however, the iPhone 12 emits 5.74 watts per kilogram.

Is electromagnetic radiation dangerous or not?

The ANFR’s conclusion contradicts that of the World Health Organization (WHO), which states that electromagnetic radiation in small amounts is not harmful to humans.

France provisionally bans iPhone 12 sales due to radiationThe iPhone 12 Pro. (Image: EPA/WU HONG)

Apple also disagrees with and disputes the ANFR’s conclusion, as it previously reported to the BBC. The company has commissioned both internal and third-party radiation studies. It claims to be in compliance with the regulations.

Now Apple must officially respond to French Digital Affairs Minister Jean-Noel Barrot. He expects a response within two weeks. If the company fails to do so, the minister is prepared to order a recall for all iPhone 12 models in circulation.

France will now share its findings with regulators in other countries. As a result, France is not the only country where Apple could potentially face problems.

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