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Google Pixel 7 seems to want to protect you like a veritable Apple Watch

The Apple Watch tries to protect users in several ways. It closely monitors your heart rate, measures your sleep and tries to protect your hearing, something the Google Pixel 7 may soon join in on.

According to 9to5Google, one of the best-known websites on Android, the popular Android smartphone is getting a new feature called Loud Sound Alert.

Apple Watch functionality coming to the Google Pixel 7

Hearing damage is a growing problem for young people. Our colleagues at Metro previously wrote about the fact that 13% of young people currently suffer from incipient hearing damage. Sweet as those colleagues are, they also have some immediate tips to prevent it during festivals.

But buying protective earplugs, such as the AirPods Pro (second generation), is not always necessary. The Apple Watch has been alerting users to sounds above 90dB for some time. This awareness of the dangers of hearing damage is heightened with warnings for noisy environments.

Something the Google Pixel 7 could soon be used for as well. According to 9to5Google, a feature called “Loud Sound Alert” can be found within the Android System Intelligence Software (ASI), which it says will notify as soon as it detects noise that could cause hearing damage.

Besides the fact that this will work about the same on the Google Pixel 7 as it does on the Apple Watch, we don’t really know that much about it. The next Android update may introduce the feature, but there’s also a chance we’ll hear more about it during Google I/O.


What is Google I/O?

Google I/O is an annual developer conference organized by Google, usually in the month of May. The event presents new software and hardware developments from Google, including updates to its operating systems, software platforms and other products. The conference includes keynote speeches, interactive sessions and hands-on demonstrations for developers and other attendees.

To what extent will functionality work?

While it is good that the Google Pixel 7 is getting this functionality, we do wonder how well it will work. The strength of the Apple Watch is that it is always exposed to sound, as it is not tucked away in a pocket or bag, which of course is the case with a smartphone.

Thereby, such a notification is a good reminder of the possible consequences of loud noise, but does nothing else. It is still up to the person to take action after the alert.

Vibrations on your wrist with the warning are one thing, but whether this is as effective on an Android smartphone in your pocket remains to be seen. Time will tell.

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