OnePlus 11 is already getting a special metamorphosis but why

OnePlus 11 is already getting a special metamorphosis, but why?

The OnePlus 11 has only just come out, but already the maker is coming out with a particularly bold design for a new version. Why doesn’t the company do that right away?

The OnePlus 11 may not have the prettiest look because of the camera on the back, but it obviously has a lot of great stuff under the hood. Still, a new version really steals the show.

OnePlus 11 could be much prettier

The OnePlus 11 is the Chinese brand’s new flagship. At 829 euros, the phone is crazy cheap for a high-end specimen. We got our hands on the phone earlier and were positively surprised. For example, the phone handles like fire and has a fine display that has a refresh rate of 120Hz.

In addition, the phone also charges bloody fast. When you hang it on the charger, the OnePlus 11 is fully charged within 25 minutes. Those are speeds that even Max Verstappen is jealous of.

Still, there is one major setback: the camera system. One can argue about taste but I think almost everyone would agree that this really looks like crap. So we can imagine not wanting to show the back of the phone. How different it is with the OnePlus 11 Concept.

From round to color

OK, a round camera system isn’t exactly attractive, but the OnePlus 11 Concept did a fine job of disguising that. In fact, the back is particularly illuminated by LED. So well, in fact, that we’d be quite happy to walk around with it.

OnePlus 11 ConceptA sneak peek. (Image: OnePlus)

Right now, OnePlus has put out some teasers. It wants to unveil the full model during MWC 2023. However, the big question is: why? Normally OnePlus does not release its concept models, and now to present a phone at this big trade show that is already out is another thing. In short, it is otherwise just mustard after the meal.

Still, a smartphone with lighting on the back is not new. Nothing already launched this with its first phone. Ironically, Nothing is the very company of OnePlus founder Carl Pei. We will see what OnePlus wants with the 11 Concept on Feb. 27. That’s when the device will be fully unveiled.

So OnePlus, listen to us and just release this model. Then no one will have to be ashamed of that ugly back anymore.

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