Simple change significantly extends iPhone 15 Pro battery life

If the rumors are true, the next iPhone will give us exactly what we want

Apple vendor TDK thinks it has developed a new battery that will change the entire smartphone world forever. Will your next iPhone give you exactly what you need?

The iPhone 15 Pro is a great device, but I notice that the battery is not very impressive. Since we are going to CES 2024 this week and doing long days in Vegas, I like to reach for the Pro Max. But so in the future that might not be necessary.

According to Bloomberg, TDK has developed a new battery that can significantly extend battery life. And that, dear friends, is exactly what the market needs.

The next iPhone offers what you need

One of the main reasons to buy a new iPhone is probably battery life. So far, Apple has not really done much groundbreaking in this area. Still, the next big thing in this area might have been found.

TDK has been working on a new type of battery with silicone electrodes since the first half of 2023. This will allow a single battery to hold 10% more charge. The full potential could even be a 40% growth.

These tips from a former Apple employee extend iPhone battery life (Image: Unsplash)

Meanwhile, while Samsung and LG are working on their own solutions, such as solid-state batteries and sodium-ion batteries, Apple is taking a different approach with TDK. So the battle between smartphones is taking place in the field of batteries, and each company is arming itself with a unique solution. Very interesting.

Apple has a decent deal with TDK, so the chances of the iPhone getting such a battery are pretty high. It’s also possible that products like the Apple Vision Pro, or at least a descendant of it, will also use it.

Not the only approach

It is not typical for Apple to take only one approach. Although the TDK battery seems to be promising, the results have yet to be proven. Apple does not like to gamble.

Leaker KosutamiSan confirms this theory. It is claimed that Apple is currently working on other technologies, such as a next-gen cooling system based on graphene, to keep the cooling of the next iPhone optimal.

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

Apple is actively working on graphene thermal system of iPhone 16 Series to solve the heating problem existing before. And the battery of Pro series would change to metal shell, for the same reason.

– Kosutami (@KosutamiSan) November 16, 2023

In addition, the American company is also considering the use of metal housings for the battery to prevent overheating. Whether we will actually see these technologies, time will tell.

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