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ChatGPT is not stupid, you’re just asking the wrong questions

ChatGPT offers a unique opportunity to interact with an advanced AI. But the technology is still far from providing perfect answers. That’s really not just down to the chatbot itself. You can also ask some better questions.

ChatGPT can understand a lot of sentences. But if the system doesn’t get the right questions, it doesn’t have enough guidance to give you a good answer. So it is essential that you know how to communicate with the chatbot.

There are many things to watch out for when using ChatGPT. Therefore, we will help you get started with some tips.

Here’s how to get the best answers out of ChatGPT

Asking good questions to ChatGPT is not difficult if you know the tricks. Below are the most important points to take into account while communicating with ChatGPT. That way, you will get the best answers.

#1 Be clear and specific

ChatGPT is an AI system, but it also resembles a real human in some ways. Namely, if you do not give clear information in your question, the chatbot has no idea what you are talking about.

Therefore, formulate your question clearly and use specific details to help Chat GPT understand your question accurately. Formulate it without ambiguity or vague terms and include relevant background information to ensure a well-informed answer.

#2 Use proper grammar

ChatGPT’s answers are based on probability calculation from various sources. Because of this, the system does not encounter spelling errors very often. And that makes it harder for the chatbot to understand your question and come up with a good answer.

So always write your questions in proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Use punctuation appropriately. Extra tip: Break down complex questions into smaller, easier-to-understand sentences.

SpellingPay attention to your words! (Image: Unsplash)

#3 Ask ChatGPT one question at a time

To avoid confusion and get targeted answers, it is important that you ask one question at a time.

If you enter multiple questions, it can be difficult for Chat GPT to accurately answer each question. By asking one question per interaction, you increase the chances of getting a comprehensive answer.

#4 Provide context or constraints

When answering a big, open-ended question, ChatGPT almost doesn’t know where to start. Try answering a question like “How can we reduce the impact of climate change?” yourself. Not doable right?

In cases like this, it can help to give the chatbot a little more context or constraints. Consider mentioning a certain time period, location or method. By setting these limits, you help ChatGPT find an appropriate response.

Location for ChatGPTGreat location right? (Image: Unsplash)

#5 Give examples to ChatGPT

Just like giving constraints and context, examples can also help ChatGPT understand your question. By using examples, you can relay your expectations of a good answer to the chatbot. That way, it will know better what you are looking for.

#6 Cutting and scraping

Never hit send immediately after writing a question. Take some time to proofread and refine the question first. Make sure the question is concise, well-structured and conveys the meaning. Think about how ChatGPT might interpret your question and make adjustments if the question is still not quite right.

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