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Unlock weapons like crazy in Call of Duty alternative The Finals

The Finals has not been out for long, but it is already impossible to imagine your Playstation 5, Xbox or PC without it. Participants from all over the world can compete against each other in a wacky game. Still, there is some confusion about purchasing new weapons.

To stay ahead in the game, players of The Finals need to make sure they are equipped with the highest level weapons. There is a vast array of weapons ranging from assault rifles to submachine guns.

Unfortunately, many gamers get lost while purchasing new weapons in The Finals. We understand that very well. That’s why we help you on your way with a clear roadmap. So you can win the next battle like a real pro.

How does The Finals work?

In The Finals, you compete with your group of three against two or three other teams. There are two gamemodes, both of which revolve around money. In the first mode, you try to secure an ATM while others try to capture it.

The second gamemode is all about speed: downed players drop coins that you must aim into one of the changing cash registers as quickly as possible. The game takes place in an arena. And the fun part is that you can totally destroy and demolish that arena.

This is how you unlock new weapons

To unlock new weapons in The Finals, players need money. You earn this when you level up. But also by killing opponents and winning matches. Consistently winning earns players a hefty sum of coins fairly easily.

Most weapons cost around 600. Once you have enough coins, you can perform the steps below.

Click on Equipments in the main menu of The Finals. Then select your character’s classe from the top left menu. You have a choice of Light, Medium and Heavy. Next, select the appropriate category of weapons you are looking for: Specializations, Weapons or Gadgets. Finally, choose the weapon you want to buy and click the yellow button to unlock it.

Weapons in The FinalsFire away! (Image: Embark Studios)

And this is how you change your gear

After purchasing new weapons and gadgets, you can easily change your equipment. That way, you can actually use them in The Finals. To do so, follow the steps below.

Press Contestants from the main menu. Select the character whose gear you want to change. On the Loadouts’ tab, choose from one of these categories: Specialization, Weapon or Reserve.

Equip Weapon in The Finals (Image: Embark Studios)

Add your new weapons to the Weapon category to equip them. By placing them under the Reserve tab, you can switch from your current weapon to the new one in the middle of a match in The Finals. Have fun gaming!

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