iPhone 15 Pro beats any Android phone in this test

iPhone 15 Pro beats any Android phone in this test

The iPhone 15 Pro has only just been introduced, but it already manages to deliver a major blow to the competition. No Android phone comes close, according to a well-known test.

Although the iPhone 15 Pro does not go on sale until Sept. 22, it has already appeared on Geekbench, reports Mysmartprice.com. The program tests the specs of smartphones and gives them a score. The 15 Pro scores well, so Apple seems to be living up to the statements it makes during the keynote.

The A17 Pro Chip in the iPhone 15 Pro

Inside the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is the A17 Pro chip. This is made differently than its predecessors. This is a so-called 3nm chip, which means the transistors are closer together. The fact that more can fit on the chip means it is even more efficient.

This makes it not only faster than its predecessor, but also more efficient. This means it needs less power, which in turn is good for the battery. This is now also reflected in the score on Geekbench.

Apple claimed the A17 Pro has about 20 percent faster GPU and 10 percent faster CPU. According to Geekbench’s figures, this seems to be true. Added together, the iPhone 15 Pro’s score is about 13 percent higher than that of the 14 Pro.

Looking at older scores, that difference only increases. For example, the A17 chip in the iPhone 15 is 40 percent faster than that of the A15 chip in the iPhone 13.

iPhone 15 Pro Apple (Image: Apple)

From 6 to 8 GB of RAM

In addition, the Geekbench test also reveals another striking detail. According to the page, the iPhone 15 Pro has 8GB of RAM. Just last year, the 14 Pro had to make do with 6GB of RAM. The regular 15 also has 6GB.

Scores are ideal for comparison, though of course they don’t say everything. The iPhone 15 Pro scores considerably higher than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is the top ranked Android. On the inside, that has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The 15 Pro scores 2914 on single-core and 7199 on multi-core. With the S23 Ultra, these are 1878 and 4973, respectively.

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